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Amanda Madden
Love this water bottle . It’s very motivational and really does help. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now . The saying on the side is a nice little perk too! :)
Shameeda Altin
A MUST HAVE. I always need to drink more water and with my busy work/school schedule sometimes i don't realize I'm not drinking enough. This bottle holds you accountable...
Julie E.
"I never drink water... I mean never!! but I know it is the single most important thing for my health and weight loss. The design makes it easy to drink from.  Love it!
Leah Davis
I love it, its pink. What could be better.... right???
And the reminders are just too sweet. Thanks for this!!
Charlene H.
This is beautiful and easy to drink from. I am loving it and I have definitely increased my water intake using this. Mission accomplished!
Karen P.
This cup came as a recommendation from a blogger and I was thrilled to receive it.  Keeps me accountable with how much water I drink daily & works great! Sleek design.
Lina Wallace
love it!!!

Amy Bendall
Great and easy motivator to drink more water!

Analyn Fry
I love it!!😊

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